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Unlock the secret to stronger, smoother hair with Redken’s latest breakthrough: our high-level Citric Acid + Bonding Care Complex! 
Experience the power of our concentrated rinse-out treatment, delivering 14x smoother hair and a whopping 63% less breakage. 
With its intensive formula, this treatment goes beyond the surface to reinforce weakened bonds for 2x stronger hair, leaving you with an incredible 90% more conditioned locks. 
Say goodbye to breakage and hello to your healthiest, most radiant hair yet!
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stripes of red❤️ 
Color + Cut done by Liz @learninglizzy 
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Purple shampoo is designed to remove unwanted warm tones from your hair, but over using can leave a build up on your hair that can lead to making it more brittle and dry. Also overusing purple shampoo can over deposit purple pigment, leaving it looking darker and duller. 
So how often should you be using purple shampoo? Depending on how often your washing you hair, we would recommend every 4-5 shampoos✨
“Who needs a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day when you’ve got a hairstylist ready to spoil you rotten? 💇‍♀️💕 Treat yourself to some love and pampering this Feb 14th! Appointments available—call, book online, or shoot us a message to snag your spot. 

Stylist : Vanessa | @thathairgirl_v 

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Did you know? 
Trimming dead ends not only promotes healthier growth but also adds bounce to your hair. 

Book the cut girlfriend.

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Blonde and Bright✨
Color done by Julessa | @beautybjulessa_
Hey beauties! 👋 Ever wonder why your gorgeous toner isn’t holding up as long as you’d like? 🤔 Here are the top three reasons:

1. Drugstore products: While they might seem convenient, drugstore shampoos and conditioners often contain harsh chemicals that strip away your toner faster than you can say “fabulous.” Opt for salon-quality products for longer-lasting color vibrancy!

2. Washing too often: We get it, keeping those locks fresh is key, but over-washing can actually wash away your toner along with it. Try to stretch out your wash days and invest in a good dry shampoo for those in-between days.

3. Too high of heat: Excessive heat styling can accelerate the fading process of your toner. Make sure to use heat protectant products and dial down the temperature on your styling tools to preserve that beautiful hue.

Remember, your hair deserves the best care to keep that color looking fresh and fabulous! 

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new year, same us + hair that you love.
start 2024 with new a new look or just refresh your current one. we’d love to hang with you.

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Stylist: Ashely | @ashleydoeshair220